We are very passionate about our product and developing it.
In this process AOW ́s Sessions play an essential role each year.
— Jyri Lindén, Co-founder, Nordic Business Forum

Do you want to plan an event that excites and gets people talking? Stop for a moment and leave recycled catalogue ideas behind. By taking a few hours, the right people, and an open mind, you can create a unique event that’s well-thought from the beginning – and even more. 

AOW Session provides a new, strategic way for designing meaningful events and customer encounters. We offer an inspiring, fun, and ravishing 4-hour journey to the core of your brand experience – resulting in dozens of valuable ideas to develop your brand further in years to come.  

We have over 15 years of experience in producing events of all sizes. Because of that, we know how to create memorable and unique experiences. AOW Session is based on your knowledge of your brand and target groups, combined with our expertise and the newest event trends and insights around the world.  

The time you use on planning pays itself back. With a clear goal and vision, we can think through each part of the event, make sure everything works as whole – and ensure a steady brand image from the start to finish.

We offer:

  • Effective and inspiring workshop for designing exceptional events - trusted by eg. Nordic Business Forum, PwC Finland and Teknos
  • Plenty of new, unique ideas for your event's content – more value for your event investment
  • Possibility to take advantage of the latest trends and research data in the event industry - forget about recycled catalog ideas
  • Complete event concept and a budget estimate for executing it - save time and money
  • 100 % satisfaction guarantee

Welcome. Let's create moments that get people talking.

Erno Ovaska
Event Strategist, Executive Producer, Founder

Ville Tikkanen.jpg

Ville Tikkanen
Event Strategist, Executive Producer

Henri Suni
Event Strategist, Executive Producer

Teemu Jokinen
Event Strategist, Producer

Engaging our employees on our company events is very important. Working with AOW on the idea session opened my eyes to all the different possibilities that we have and
now I have a long list of activities that we can use in our future events.
— Elina Hoikkala, HR, PwC Suomi

Case: UEFA EURO 2016™ Challenge
Client: Coca-Cola Finland & McDonald´s


Case: Moët & Chandon WOW
Client: Moët Hennessy Finland


Case: Bassline Festival
Client: Bassline Festival/Valkoinen Sali

Thank you for the great work! It was truly
a pleasure to follow your ambitious way of working.
You never went where the fence was the lowest.
— Pasi Ripatti, Head of Communications and Marketing DB Schenker

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